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2019 University of Kentucky Summer Geology Field Camp

The University of Kentucky Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences offers a Summer Geology Field Camp every other year in odd years. The camp has run in nearly the same place since 1948, and it will be offered again this year (see field camp introduction). The camp provides a six-week, summer experience in geologic mapping and recognition of field relationships in a mountainous terrain. General information is provided below.    


Location: Elk Mountains of the Gunnison-Crested Butte area in west-central Colorado (Gunnison County)
Dates: June 14 - July 29, 2019
Costs: Field fees - $1500, payable to the University at billing (includes room, insurance, travel and support costs). 
Tuition - $3,018/6 hrs/KY resident, payable to the University at billing, $7,236/6 hrs/nonresident, payable as above.
Food ~ $1125 approximate costs of food for 45 days (assumes $25/day, more or less; students individually shop for and prepare their own meals in their own rooms)

Daily Schedule: The following is a generalized weekly schedule-

Monday and Tuesday – geologic field mapping and field techniques
Wednesday – local or regional field trips with or without exercises
Thursday and Friday – geologic field mapping and field techniques
Saturday morning – local field trip or field exercise
Saturday afternoon and Sunday – “free” time to do chores and exercises

Note: At least once every week in the evenings or on the weekends at convenient times, we will assemble students for a discussion of returned mapping exercises and/or lectures on local/ regional geologic history or geologic field techniques. It will also be necessary use some evening and weekend time to complete maps and exercises.
Also Note: From July 6 - July 11, we will take a full-time, regional, geology field trip to several national parks and geologically significant tourist areas, during which we will be camping. The purpose of the trip is to develop a regional context into which to place our mapping exercises and to develop a broader appreciation of geologic features and regional geology.

Evaluation: The final evaluation of each individual is based on the following criteria:
Field maps with a legend, written descriptions of geology and geologic history, and structural cross section
Stratigraphic section
Field notes
Field exercises and quizzes
Written and field-mapping exams
Suggested Equipment List: Click here for suggested equpment list
Camping: You will be camping on the regional field trip and on the trip out and back from Colorado, as well as doing both camping and backpacking for one night and two days during the local mapping exercises. During the course, you will be camping out for about a total of ten nights. Please come prepared.
General facilities: Access to laundry facilities, stores, cafeterias, libraries, etc. is available in Gunnison or on the college campus. Most of these things are within easy walking distance of the college. Except for times of camping, we are housed in dormitories on the Campus of Western State College of Colorado. Rooms are double-occupancy student apartments that include a bedroom, two single beds, a bathroom, a kitchenette, and a living/dining/working area. Pillows, pillow cases, and sheets will be provided by Western State College, but you will need to bring blankets or a sleeping bag for use on the bed and during camping. The rooms have one desk area to share. The phone jacks are active for local and incoming calls, but you will need to bring your own phone. For long-distance calls, buy a phone card. Cell phones may be useful, but reception may be nonexistent in parts of the mountains. You must also bring your own cooking utensils or buy them at the local Wal-Mart. There will probably be no air-conditioning in the rooms, and the rooms can get warm in the afternoon and early evening, so a small fan may be useful. The dorms will also have free computer reception with a password. Reception will probably be wireless, but if your computer needs a LAN line, you must bring your own.

2019 Application:  

University of Kentucky students:
1. Fill out attached application (click here) and submit it to the Department by April 5, 2019.

2. Register like normal for EES 323, Field Work in Regional Geology, in the second session and pay appropriate tuition and $1500 fees to the University.      

3. Field fees ($1500) are payable to the University at the same time as tuition is paid.  

Non-University of Kentucky students:
1. Fill out attached application (click here) and submit it to the Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences by April 5, 2019.

2. Go to and to the left, click on “Admissions” and then on the left click on Visiting (Transient). Follow throgh on the requirements for Visitng Students. The deadline for application for Summer II is June 3, 2019.

3. Complete the Visiting Student application, send in an application fee of $50, and have the “Letter of Good Standing” completed by the registrar at your university and returned to the University of Kentucky. The application deadline is June 3, but do not put it off to the last minute.

4. Register like for EES 323, Field Work in Regional Geology, in the Summer II session and pay appropriate tuition and fees to the University.  Non-UK students, who are Kentucky residents, will pay in-state tuition.

5. Pay tuition and field fees before leaving for field camp.  The deadline for payment of all tuition and fees is June 7.

Note: Application to the University of Kentucky, registration for the course, and payment of tuition can all be accomplished online. The field-camp application must be sent to the address below.

Field camp address
                 University of Kentucky Geology Field Camp
                 Department of Earth & Environmental Sciences
                 101 Slone Building
                 University of Kentucky
                 Lexington, KY 40506-0053
Further information
Dr. Frank R. Ettensohn, Field Camp Director