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Active Student Research

While graduate and undergraduate students are often included on papers as co-authors for assisting with research, the below papers represent recent publications where the student was the primary researcher and underwent the rigorous peer-review process for the journal of publication. Student names are in bold. Click through to access the paper.

Tetons Fault Modeling Helfrich 2024earth and environmental sciences geology research Grand Teton National ParkHodelka et al., 2024 fault-induced effects on tidal marsh surficial processes and landscape conversionUsing 3D Mapping to Understand Ordovician BuildupReis IODP 2023Martins Barents Sea 2023Utilization of Tryptophan-like Fluorescence as a Proxy for E. coli Contamination in a Mixed-Land-Use Karst Basin










Martins Barents 2023