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EES Alumni Corner / EES Alumni Success Stories

EES Alumni Success Stories

Our alumni have found rewarding careers at environmental consulting firms, engineering firms, state government agencies (e.g., Kentucky Geological Survey), federal governmental agencies (USGS, EPA, etc.), education, energy companies (including alternative energy), and more!

Here are some of their success stories.

M. Justin Biliter, B.S. Geology ’00

Todd McFarland, M.S. Geology ’03

Margaret Brewer-LaPorta, M.S. Geology ’98, Ph.D. Geology ’04

Alex Rutledge, M.S. Geophysics ’04

Betzi Almy Poole, B.A. Geology ’07

Ken Macpherson, Ph.D. Geophysics ’09

Brian Cook, M.S. Geology ’01, Ph.D. Geology, ’10

Donny Loughry, M.S. Geology ’10