EES Alumni Success Stories

Our alumni have found rewarding careers in consulting firms, engineering firms, state government agencies (e.g., Kentucky Geological Survey), federal governmental agencies (USGS, EPA, etc.), education, energy  companies (including oil, gas, coal, and alternative energy), mining companies, and more!

Here are some of their success stories.

M. Justin Biliter, B.S. Geology ’00

Todd McFarland, M.S. Geology ’03

Margaret Brewer-LaPorta, M.S. Geology ’98, Ph.D. Geology ’04

Alex Rutledge, M.S. Geophysics ’04

Betzi Almy Poole, B.A. Geology ’07

Ken Macpherson, Ph.D. Geophysics ’09

Brian Cook, M.S. Geology ’01, Ph.D. Geology, ’10

Donny Loughry, M.S. Geology ’10


Susan Eriksson & Cara Hollis

Two UK Arts & Sciences geology graduates who learned that they share quite a bit in common are working together to share what they’ve earned in their careers with current students interested in science.

Susan Eriksson

Susan (Camenisch) Eriksson started her studies at UK as a music major, with a focus on piano. But when she took an honors section of geology during her junior year, she was hooked.
“After one exam, I went up to the TA and said, I love this, I love, this, I love this!” she recalls. “I was so excited. I said I wished I had found geology as a freshman.”