Seminar Schedule

Earth and Environmental Sciences Spring 2019 Rast-Holbrook Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in 303 Slone Research Building, preceded by refreshments at 3:30, unless otherwise noted.







Jan. 17

No Seminar


Graduate Student Orientation

Jan. 24

Dr. Matthew Wielicki

University of Alabama

Applications of thermochronometry: from the tectonic evolution of Death Valley, CA to the timing of the Popigai impact event”

Jan. 31

Atticus Stovall


“Illuminating forest structure and function with ground, air, and spaceborne LiDAR”

Feb. 7

Dr. Paul Betka

Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory

“Coupled tectonic and deltaic systems of the Indo-Burman Ranges: Bangladesh, NE India, and Myanmar”

Feb. 14

Dr. Mohamadreza Soltanian

University of Cincinnati

“A New Window into the Subsurface: How tracers reveal heterogeneity in both aquifer and flow processes”

Feb. 21

Dr. Briony Horgan


“Mars 2020”

Feb. 28

Dr. Suzanne Birner

Berea College

“Assessing chemical heterogeneity in the oceanic upper mantle using coupled analysis of basalt and peridotite”

Mar. 7

Dr. Emily Seyum

Colorado College

“Earth’s Deep Water Cycle”

Mar. 14

No Seminar


Spring Break

Mar. 21

Dr. Chris Shepard

University of Kentucky

“Soils, the Critical Zone and Past Climate"

Mar. 22

Dr. Evan Solomon

University of Washington

“Revisiting the Role of Continental Margin Sediment Diagenesis in Marine Geochemical Cycles”

Mar. 28

No Seminar


SEGSA Annual Meeting

Mar. 29

Dr. Caroline Peacock

University of Leeds

“Mud, mud, glorious mud: how marine sediments control the earth system”

April 4

Dr. Mark Kulp

University of New Orleans

“Subsidence and Sea Level and Sediment, Oh My!”

Apr. 11

Dr. Carolina Lithgow-Bertelloni



Apr. 18

Cynthia Blankenship

BP America

“Deepwater Horizon: An insider’s perspective on a deadly $65 billion tragedy”

Apr. 25

Trisha Spanbauer

University of Toledo

"Revealing historical processes in Yellowstone Lake through paleolimnology and molecular ecology"



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