Seminar Schedule

Earth and Environmental Sciences Fall 2018 Rast-Holbrook Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in 303 Slone Research Building, preceded by refreshments at 3:30, unless otherwise noted.





Aug. 30

Dr. Vanessa Fichtner

University of Kentucky

“Incorporation and Diagenesis of Carbonate Associated Sulfate”

Sept. 6

Dr. Ben Tobin

Kentucky Geological Survey

"Grand Canyon karst: understanding flow dynamics in a critical groundwater system"

Sept. 13

No Seminar



Sept. 20

Dr. Ryan Thigpen

University of Kentucky

"Extending and erasing the Teton fault"

Sept. 27

Dr. Jason Dortch

Kentucky Geological Survey

"Tilting of the Ladakh Range, Northern India: erosion, topography & morphology"

Oct. 4

Dr. Hap McSween

University of Tennessee

"Rocks on Mars: Igneous, sedimentary, and metamorphic"

Oct. 11

Dr. Jim Yeh

University of Arizona

"Principle of Parsimony, Fake Science, and Scales"

Oct. 18

Susan Seacrest

Groundwater Foundation 

“Engaging in Place”

Oct. 25

Dr. Nilesh Dixit

Northern Kentucky University

"CO2-Enhanced Gas Recovery Workflow in Frontier Basins,

Case Study: Nenana Basin, Alaska"

Nov. 1

Dr. Simon Darroch

Vanderbilt University

"The 'Ediacara biota' and first mass extinction of complex life"

Nov. 8

No Seminar


GSA Annual Meeting

Nov. 15

Dr. Dave Porinchu

University of Georgia

"Evidence of abrupt climate change at 9.3 ka and 8.2 ka in the central Canadian Arctic: Connection to the North Atlantic and Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation"

Nov. 22

No Seminar


Thanksgiving Holiday

Nov. 29

Dr. Lewis Owen

University of Cincinnati


Dec. 6

UK Graduate Students



Dec. 13

No Seminar


AGU Annual Meeting





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