Seminar Schedule

Earth and Environmental Sciences Spring 2018 Rast-Holbrook Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in 303 Slone Research Building, preceded by refreshments at 3:30, unless otherwise noted.








Dr. Maggie Sanders

University of Kentucky

"Applying oxidative hydrothermal dissolution to organic-rich shales"

Jan. 18

Dr. Wei Ren

University of Kentucky

"Global crop productivity responses to multiple environmental drivers under climate change"  

Jan. 25

Dr. Jen O'Keefe

Morehead State University

"Filling in the Gaps: Palynology at Birthplace of North American Vertebrate Paleontology"

Feb. 1

Dr. Jordon Munizzi

University of Kentucky, EES

"Reconstructing the Holocene Ecology of Caribou and Muskoxen on Banks Island, NWT, Canada: A Stable Isotope Approach"

Feb. 8

Dr. Rebecca McCulley

University of Kentucky

"Decomposition in Drylands: Effects of soil-litter mixing and UV-B on microbial communities and mass loss"

Feb. 15

Dr. Nancye Dawers

Tulane University

"Improving Our Understanding of Fault Behavior in Deltas and Implications for Coastal Sustainability"

Feb. 22

Dr. Carlton Brett

University of Cincinnati

"Mid-Paleozoic Environmental Stasis and volatility: Linking patterns of physical process and biotic macroevolution"

Mar. 1

Dr. Sean Trim

University of Saskatchewan 

"Improving the Accuracy of Thermochemical Convection Models: Mass Conservation in the Tracer Ratio Method"

Mar. 8

Dr. Guleed Ali

Lamont Doherty

"Fluctuations of Mono Lake, California during and since the last ice age"

Mar. 15



No Seminar, Spring Break

Mar. 22

Dr. David Willis

University of Kentucky

 "The influence of congested subduction on New Zealand's tectonic evolution”

Mar. 29

Dr. Liz Griffith

Ohio State University

"Stable metal isotopes in barite - applications in marine and continental settings"

Apr. 5

Callan Bentley

Northern Virginia Community College

"Visualization in Geology: a brief history, best practices, & dispatches from the future "

Apr. 12

Dr. Eric Ferre

Southern Illinois University

"Crustal accretion processes recorded at the thermal boundary layer of fast spreading oceanic lithosphere: IODP Hole U1256D and ophiolites"

Apr. 19

Dr. Dave Wunsch

Delaware Geological Survey

"Water Supply Issues in the Delaware River System: A tale of Tunnels, Transfers, Tumult, and Trout Fishing"

Apr. 26

Dr. Todd Halihan

Oklahoma State University

"Electrical Hydrogeology: A Picture is Worth 1000 Wells"


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