Seminar Schedule

Earth and Environmental Sciences Fall 2016 Rast-Holbrook Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. in 102 MMRB, preceded by refreshments at 3:30, unless otherwise noted.







Aug. 25



No Seminar


Sept. 1

Dr. Jeff Wilson

University of Michigan

Year of South Asia/Biology Seminar (TMH 116, 4:00pm)

“Living Large: the paleobiology of Diplodocus and other long-necked dinosaurs”

Sept. 8

Dr. Carol Stein

University of Illinois, Chicago

AWG Distinguished Lecturer

"North America’s Midcontinent Rift: When Rift Met LIP”

Sept. 15

Dr. Keely O’Farrell

University of Kentucky

“Deep, Deep Down: Convection in the Lower Mantle”

Sept. 22

Dr. Shemin Ge

University of Colorado

GSA Birdsall Dreiss Lecture

“Fluid Induced Earthquakes: Insights from Hydrogeology and Poro-mechanics”

Sept. 29



No Seminar


Oct. 6

Dr. Yurena Yanes

University of Cincinnati

“Land snails as paleoenvironmental and paleoecological proxies”

Oct. 13

Dr. Ming Ye

Florida State University

UK Water Week

"Experimental and Numerical Investigation of Catastrophic Sinkhole Collapse"

Oct. 20



No Seminar


Oct. 27

Dr. Micah Jessup

University of Tennessee


"Mid-crustal processes during gneiss dome formation in the Himalaya and southern Tibet"

Nov. 3

Dr. John Hickman

Kentucky Geological Society

“Structural Evolution and Petroleum Potential of a Cambrian Intracratonic Rift System in Kentucky”

Nov. 10

Dr. Jason Polk

Western Kentucky University



Nov. 17

Dr. Jessica Oster

Vanderbilt University


“Putting paleo-precipitation records into global context”

Nov. 24




No Seminar


Dec. 1

Dr. Chris Pool

University of Kentucky

“Olmec Archeology”

Dec. 8

Samantha Burk

Edward Lo

Jason Merrick

University of Kentucky


EES Graduate Student Mini-Symposium

Thesis topics in tectonics, paleolimnology, and hydrology



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