Seminar Schedule

Earth and Environmental Sciences Fall 2021 Rast-Holbrook Seminar Schedule

All seminars will be held on Thursdays at 4:00 p.m. via ZOOM 





Sept. 9

Dr. Fabio Crameri

Centre for Earth Evolution and Dynamics (Oslo)

"Modelstanding Ocean-plate Tectonics"

Sept. 16

Dr. Camelia Knapp

Oklahoma State University 

"Carbon Storage Opportunities for Geophysics: Case Studies from Onshore/ Offshore Regions"


Sept. 23

No Seminar

Sept. 30

Dr. Racha El Kadiri

Middle Tennessee State University

"Water and Soil Resources Conservation and Management in Agricultural Watersheds"

Oct. 7

Dr. Valdir Novello

University of São Paulo

"Past Climate and Environmental Changes in South America as Recorded in Caves Archives"

Oct. 14

No Seminar

Oct. 21

Dr. Ibukun Bode-Omoleye

Kansas Geological Survey

"Understanding Pore Heterogeneity in Karst Carbonate Reservoirs: Examples and Implications from the Arbuckle Formation"

Oct. 28

No Seminar

Nov. 4

Dr. Michael Soreghan

University of Oklahoma

"The shell beds of Lake Tanganyika: Implications of time averaging and modern sedimentation on a diverse littoral ecosystem"

Nov. 11

No Seminar

Nov. 18

Dr. Ann Dulea

Woods Hole Oceanography Institution

"Cenozoic Evolution of the Iron Cycle across the South Pacific and Southern Ocean"

Nov. 25

No Seminar

Dec. 2

Dr. Maegen Rochner

University of Louisville

"Tree-Ring Evidence of Volcanic Cooling Events During the Last Millennium Across the Western United States"

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