ReSEES Overview

The Research Symposium for Earth and Environmental Sciences (ReSEES) offers students in the Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES) department an opportunity to actively participate in the professional academic community. This symposium also provides a friendly, relaxed, and fun environment for students to practice the stressful activities such as presenting and talking in front of large crowds. ReSEES will also be a great outlet to learn about what is going on throughout the EES department and learn about other people projects, maybe even spark an idea of your own!


Any student enrolled in an udnergraduate or graduate program through EES are eligible to participate in this symposium. We encourage all students engaged in research under the direction of a faculty mentor to register. 


Why should I participate in ReSEES?

Great addition to any resume, CV, or graduate school application

Valuable professional experience presenting to an audience

Valuable experience discussing and talking about your project 

Networking opportunities with faculty, alumni, and other students

Opportunity to have fun with the Earth and Environmental Sciences department!


How to participate in ReSEES?

Find a faculty member who needs assistance with research and may be willing to serve as your mentor.

Register and submit an abstract here.

Prepare your presentation (poster or oral presentation) with faculty guidance.




For assistance with preparing a poster for the symposium and converting the poster into an appropriate digital format please attend Sigma Gamma Epsilon’s Poster Help Session.


For an in-person symposium, posting printing is available within the department. Please prepare and submit your poster by September 23rd in order to ensure your poster can be printed in time for ReSEES.

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