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Many research projects are funded and currently active in SGP.  The montages below describe some of our current efforts and long-standing interests.  Projects and collaborations are ever-evolving - check back for new information!

(1) The geologic evolution of wetlands - modern insights, ancient examples: Professor McGlue and graduate student Edward Lo are researching different aspects of Quaternary paleolimnology in the Pantanal (Brazil), the world's largest Neotropical wetland, RAMSAR site, and known biodiversity hotspot. Professor Kevin Yeager is collaborating on the project and providing expertise on lake sediment geochronological methods. Ancient wetlands and fluvial systems are routinely studied at UK - coals abound in these depositional settings, and the coal geology group at KGS (Drs. Greb and Eble) and Dr. Hower at CAER are leading experts in this important resource. Check out the online Applied Petrology Lab for the latest from Dr. Hower's group (

(2) Project MAJI BARIDI: Professor McGlue and student Joseph Lucas are using marine geophysics and sediment sampling to map benthic habitats in Lake Tanganyika (Tanzania).  The picture above, taken from littoral waters in Kitwe Bay (near the Mahale Mountains), is one of the project field sites - benthic habitat mapping will help with sustainability planning and fisheries conservation at the lake.