Picture Name Position E-mail Office Phone Number
jrbowe3's picture
Rick Bowersox Senior Research Geologist, Kentucky Geological Survey, j.r.bowersox@uky.edu 328 Mining and Mineral Resources Building (859) 323-0536
cobb's picture
James C. Cobb cobb@uky.edu
eble's picture
Cortland F. Eble eble@uky.edu Kentucky Geological Survey , 247D Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg., University of Kentucky , Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0107 859-323-0540
greb's picture
Stephen F. Greb Geologist V greb@uky.edu 338 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg 859-323-0542
hickman's picture
John Hickman Research Geologist IV, Kentucky Geological Survey jhickman@uky.edu 336 Mining and Minerals Resources Building 859-323-0541
jchowe3's picture
James C. Hower jchowe3@uky.edu 2540 Research Park Drive 40511-8410 859 257-0261
tmparr2's picture
Marty Parris
tlrobl2's picture
Tom Robl tlrobl2@uky.edu 2540 Research Park Dr. (859) 257-0272
zmwang's picture
Zhenming Wang zmwang@uky.edu 218 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg. 859-323-0564
jerryw's picture
Gerald A. Weisenfluh Associate Director, Kentucky Geological Survey jerryw@uky.edu 226A Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg. 859-323-0505
jzh226's picture
Junfeng Zhu Geologist V junfeng.zhu@uky.edu 316 Mining and Mineral Resources Building (859)323-0530
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