Gina Lukoczki

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  • Research Geologist III
  • Adjunct Assistant Professor
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
326 MMRB
(859) 323-0535
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:

Ph.D., Geology, Oklahoma State University, 2019

M.Sc., Geography & Geology, University of Szeged, 2009


My research is focused on the diagenesis of carbonate rocks integrating a variety of analytical tools and methodologies. My particular focus is on:

  • dolomitization,
  • dolomite recrystallization, and
  • carbonate hosted critical mineral deposits.

My favorite analytical approaches include:

  • conventional and cathodoluminescence petrography,
  • fluid inclusion microthermometry,
  • elemental analysis,
  • isotope geochemistry (stable carbon and oxygen isotopes, carbonate clumped isotopes, strontium isotopes), and
  • Rietveld refinement of X-ray diffraction data.
Selected Publications: 

Foster, W.J., Lukoczki, G., Sebe, K., Price, G.D., 2021: Middle Triassic carbon isotope fluctuations in the Mecsek Mountains, Hungary. Newsletters on Stratigraphy. 10.1127/nos/2021/0627

Lukoczki, G., Haas, J., Gregg, J.M., Machel, H.G., Kele, S., John, C.M. 2020: Early dolomitization and partial burial recrystallization: A case study of Middle Triassic peritidal dolomites in the Villány Hills (SW Hungary) using petrography, carbon, oxygen, strontium and clumped isotope data. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 109, pp. 1051–1070.

Győri, G., János Haas, J., Hips, K., Lukoczki, G., Budai T, Demény, A., Szőcs, E. 2020: Dolomitization of shallow-water, mixed silicilastic-carbonate sequences: Lower Triassic ramp succession of the Transdanubian Range, Hungary. Sedimentary Geology, 395, 105549.

Lukoczki, G., Haas, J., Gregg, J.M., Machel, H.G., Kele, S., John, C.M. 2019: Multi-phase dolomitization and recrystallization of Middle Triassic shallow marine–peritidal carbonates from the Mecsek Mts. (SW Hungary), as inferred from petrography, carbon, oxygen, strontium and clumped isotope data. Marine and Petroleum Geology, 101, pp. 440–458.

Haas, J., Hips, K., Budai, T., Győri, O., Lukoczki, G., Kele, S., Demény, A., Poros, Z. 2017: Processes and controlling factors of polygenetic dolomite formation in the Transdanubian Range, Hungary ‒ a synopsis. International Journal of Earth Sciences, 106, pp. 991–1021. DOI 10.1007/s00531-016-1347-7

Lukoczki, G., Budai, T., Németh, T. 2015: Sideritic-kaolinitic and Green Clay Layers in the Mecsek Mountains (SW Hungary): Indicators of Middle Triassic Volcanism – Myth or Reality? Central European Geology, 58/4, pp. 334–355. DOI 10.1556/24.58.2015.4.4

Haas, J., Lukoczki, G., Budai, T., Demény, A. 2015: Genesis of Late Triassic peritidal dolomites in the Transdanubian Range, Hungary. Facies, 61:8, pp. 1–28. DOI 10.1007/s10347-015-0435-7


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