Physics and Astronomy Colloquium: Rapid Arctic Warming and Extreme Weather Events in Mid-Latitudes: Are They Connected?

Introducing the book: Landesque Capital: The Historical Ecology of Enduring Landscape Transformations.

Global energy systems: challenges and opportunities

Distinguished Professor Lecture

National Conference on Undergraduate Research

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Research Highlights: Looking Back at 45 Years of Geology

The Earth is Cleverer than You Are—Learnings in Earth & Seismic Modeling

The Deep History of Life

The Christmas Star of Bethlehem

Heather Golden (U.S. Environmental Protection Agency)

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Craft Writing: Beer, the Digital, and Craft Culture

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Dr. Chad Montrie speaks in honor of Professor Ron Eller's Career at UK

Analysis and PDE Seminar

Analysis and PDE Seminar

James Thompson (West Virginia University)

5th Biennial Herbert Marcuse Society Conference

Analysis and PDE Seminar

"Environmental Health Concerns in the Wake of Hurricane Sandy"

“The TVA Coal Waste Disaster”

Dimensions of Political Ecology Conference 2013

"Energy Politics in Russia"

Toward an Urban Cultural Studies: Henri Lefebvre, Space and Cultural Production

CFP: Networked Humanities: From Within and Without the University

EES Student Research Symposium - Poster Presentation

Kathleen Fitzpatrick

EES Seminar - John Holbrook

EES Seminar - From Bug to Basin: Along-strike Variability of Shallow-Marine and Coastal Plain Strata

EES Seminar - Crustal Structure of the Eastern U.S. from Potential Field Data

CHINA Town Hall: Local Connections, National Reflections

First Friday Panel Discussion - Does Culture Matter in Sustainable Agriculture

Ned Stuckey-French to give lecture "Baldwin, Didion, Digitization, and the Future"

Celebration of Faculty Excellence Reception

The Mythology of the Doudou: Sexualizing Black Female Bodies, Constructing Culture and Nation in the French Caribbean.

Kentucky Geological Survey Mapping Symposium

EES Seminar - Graduate Students

EES Seminar - Dr Lewis Owen

EES Seminar - Dr Peter Gleick

EES Seminar - Dr Kevin Waller, Pioneer Natural Resources Company

EES Seminar - Dr Nikki Wagner

EES Seminar - Development of Reliable Hydrologic Data Sets in Difficult Environments

EES Seminar - Dr Stephen Sillman, University of Notre Dame

EES Seminar - Dr Lucy Flesch, Purdue University

EES Seminar - Ron Counts, Kentucky Geological Survey

EES Seminar - Bill Murphie, U.S. Department of Energy

Final Exams for 8-week Summer Session

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