Russel Rogers

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  • Geophysics
  • Geologist in Training
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
305A Slone, 247C MMRB
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Research Interests:

Getting back to the fundamentals has always been a motivation for me and one cannot get more fundamental than the processes beneath our feet.  Understanding how geophysicists use tools and techniques to gain new insight into once hidden worlds is something I hope to gain.  My present course of study focuses on using nodal geophones to determing site responses of local sediments while considering velocity models of the stratigraphic layers, upon which, those sediments sit.  My pursuits after this are, as of yet, undetermined, though they will most certainly deal with what lies below.  

Of extra curricular interest to me is the world of bipedal motion upon two multi-hinged levers through wooded areas.  Spending time with family and friends makes such activities even more enjoyable.