Michael M. McGlue

Research Interests:

Ph.D., The University of Arizona


My group conducts field and laboratory-based studies of muds and mudrocks, in order to answer questions related to resources, hazards, and environmental change. Our primary focus is on continental basins - we study lacustrine, wetland and riverine environments. The toolkit we use is diverse and integrates techniques in stratigraphy, sedimentology, geochemistry, geophysics, and paleoecology.  Current student-centered projects focus on: (1) stratigraphy, paleoenvironments, and conservation limnogeology in the East African rift, (2) source-to-sink sedimentology and landscape evolution in the Pantanal wetlands of Brazil, (3) paleolimnology and paleoclimate in the eastern Sierra Nevada (CA), (4) basin analysis and paleoseismology in the Grand Tetons (WY), and (5) glacial geology and geomorphology in Kentucky.

*******I will be on sabbatical from May 2019 to August 2020. I will not be responding to phone calls or e-mail during this time. I am not seeking applications for new graduate students to join my group at this time (likely next recruiting period will be Fall 2021). Thank you!******* 

Selected Publications: 

Ivory, S.J., Blome, M.W., King, J., McGlue, M.M., Cole, J., Cohen, A.C., (2016) Paleoecology links climate change and landscape dynamics with adaptive radiation of cichlids at Lake Malawi. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 113(42), p.11895-11900

Cohen, A.S., Gergurich, E.L., Kraemer, B., McGlue, M.M., McIntyre, P., Russell, J.M., Simmons, J., Swarzenski, P., (2016) Climate warming reduces fish production and benthic habitat in Lake Tanganyika, one of the most biodiverse freshwater ecosystems. Proceedings of the National Academy of Science of the USA 113(34), p. 9563-9568 

McGlue, M.M., Smith, P.H., Zani, H., Silva, A., Carrapa, B., Cohen, A.S., Pepper, M., (2016) An Integrated Sedimentary Systems Analysis of the Rio Bermejo (Argentina): Megafan Character in the Overfilled Southern Chaco Foreland. Journal of Sedimentary Research doi.org/10.2110/jsr.2016.82

McGlue, M.M., Palacios-Fest, M.,  Cusminsky, G.C, Camacho, M., Ivory, S.J., Kowler, A.L., Chakraborty, S., (2017) Ostracode biofacies and shell chemistry reveal aquatic transitions in the Pozuelos Basin (Argentina). Palaios 32(6), p. 413-428.

Lo, E.L.*, Silva, A., Bergier, I., McGlue, M.M., de Paula Silva, B.L., Silva, A.P.S., Pereira, L.E., de Azevedo Macedo, H., Assine, M.L. and da Silva, E.R.D.S., (2017) Papel das macrófitas aquáticas na sucessão ecológica em sistemas fluvio-lacustres do Pantanal: Lago Uberaba. Geografia (in Portuguese) 42/3, p. 159-173.

Ivory, S.J., McGlue, M.M., Ellis, G.S., Boehlke, A., Lézine, A.-M., Vincens, A., Cohen, A.S., (2017, in press) East African weathering controlled by climate-vegetation interactions. Geology. 45 (9), 823-826

McGlue, M.M., Guerreiro, R.L., Bergier, I.,Silva, A., Pupim, F.N., Oberc, V.*, Assine, M.L. (2017) Holocene stratigraphic evolution of saline lakes in Nhecolândia, southern Pantanal wetlands (Brazil). Quaternary ResearchDOI 10.1017/qua.2017.57

Bergier, I., Assine, M.L., McGlue, M.M., Alho, C., Silva, A., Guerreiro, R.L., Carvalho, J., (2018) Amazon rainforest modulation of water security in the Pantanal wetland. Science of the Total Environment 619-620, 1116-1125

Guerreiro, R.L., McGlue, M.M., Stone, J., Bergier, I., Warren, L., Parolin, M., Assine, M.L., (2018) Paleoecology reveals late Holocene chemical changes in lakes of the Nhecolândia (Pantanal, Brazil). Hydrobiologia DOI 10.1007/s10750-017-3429-3

Benito, X., Fritz, S.C., Steinitz-Kannan, M., Velez, M., McGlue, M.M., (2018) Latitudinal gradients of diatom metacommunities in tropical South America, Ecology and Evolution DOI 10.1002/ece3.4305

Busch, J., Soreghan, M., de Beurs, K., McGlue, M.M., Kimirei, I., Cohen, A.S., Ryan, E., (2018) Linking watershed disturbance with nearshore sedimentation and the shell beds of Lake Tanganyika (Mahale Mountains, Tanzania), Environmental Earth Sciences  77: 514  DOI 10.1007/s12665-018-7644-7


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