Kevin M. Yeager

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  • Associate Professor
  • Director - SERRL
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
Slone Research Building, Rm. 107, SERRL - Slone Research Building, Ste. 104
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:
Ph.D. - Geology and Geophysics - Texas A&M University
M.S. - Geology - University of Toledo
B.S. - Geology - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Sedimentary processes in and climate change- and human-driven impacts on rivers, lakes, coastal and marine environments
Fates and impacts of terrestrial and aquatic contaminants
Radiochemical and geochemical methods applied to questions in geology, geomorphology, limnology, and marine science
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Selected Publications: 
  • Lo, E., M.M. McGlue, A. Silva, I. Bergier, K.M. Yeager, H. Macedo, M. Swallom, M.L. Assine, 2019. Fluvio-lacustrine sedimentary processes and landforms on the distal Paraguay fluvial megafan (Brazil). Geomorphology 342: 163-175.
  • Buongiorno, J., L. Herbert, L. Wehrmann, A. Michaud, K. Laufer, H. Roy, B.B. Jorgensen, A. Szynkiewicz, A. Faiia, K.M. Yeager, K.J. Schindler, K. Lloyd, 2019. Complex microbial communities drive iron and sulfur cycling in Arctic fjord sediments. Applied and Environmental Microbiology DOI:10.1128/AEM.00949-19. 
  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, K.M. Yeager, C. Li, B. Xi, J. Zhang, Z. He, C. Ma, 2019. Apparent relationships between anthropogenic factors and climate change indicators and POPs deposition in a lacustrine system. J. of Environmental Sciences 83: 174-182.
  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, K.M. Yeager, B. Xi, J. Zhang, F. Wu, 2019. A historical sedimentary record of mercury in a shallow eutrophic lake: Impacts of human activities and climate change. Engineering 5(2): 296-304.
  • Yan, D., H. Xu, J. Lan, K. Zhou, Y. Ye, J. Zhang, Z. An, K.M. Yeager, 2019. Solar activity and the westerlies dominate decadal hydroclimate changes over arid central Asia. Global and Planetary Change 173: 53-60.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.C. Wolfe, R.A. Feagin, C.A. Brunner, K.J. Schindler, 2019. Active near surface growth faulting and late Holocene history of motion: Matagorda Peninsula, Texas. Geomorphology 327: 159-169.
  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, K.M. Yeager, Z. He, B.Xi, X. Li, C. Ma, F. Wu, 2018. Phytoplankton response to climate changes and anthropogenic activities recorded by sedimentary pigments in a shallow eutrophied lake. Science of the Total Environment 647: 1,398-1,409.
  • Yang, D., S. Wang, W. Lu, P. Xiang, Y. Yang, D. Tan, M. Guo, K.M. Yeager, 2018. Impoundment-induced nitrogen-phosphorus imbalance in cascade reservoirs alleviated by input of anthropogenic nutrients. Inland Waters 8(2): 196-206.
  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, K.M. Yeager, B. Xi, J. Zhang, Z. He, C. Ma, F. Wu, 2018. Accumulation of arsenic, mercury and heavy metals in lacustrine sediment in relation to eutrophication: Impacts of sources and climate change. Ecological Indicators 93: 771-780.
  • Yeager, K.M., K.A. Schwehr, K.J. Schindler, P.H. Santschi, 2018. Sediment accumulation and mixing in the Penobscot River and estuary, Maine. Science of the Total Environment 635: 228-239.
  • Louchouarn, P., S.M. Seward, G. Cornelissen, H.P.H. Arp, K.M. Yeager, R. Brinkmeyer, P.H. Santschi, 2018. Limited mobility of dioxins near the San Jacinto River super fund site (waste pit) in the Houston Ship Channel, Texas due to strong sediment sorption. Environmental Pollution 238 988-998.
  • Lu, W., S. Wang, K.M. Yeager, F. Liu, Q. Huang, Y. Yang, P. Xiang, Y. Lu, C. Liu, 2018. Importance of considered organic versus inorganic source of carbon to lakes for calculating net effect on landscape C budgets. J. of Geophysical Research - Biogeosciences 123(4): 1,302-1,317.
  • Sena, K., K.M. Yeager, T. Dreaden, C. Barton, 2018. Phytophthora cinnamomi colonized reclaimed surface mined sites in eastern Kentucky: Implications for the restoration of susceptible species. Forests 9(4): 203.
  • Bera, G., K.M. Yeager, A.M. Shiller, 2018. Whether hurricane Katrina impacted trace metal and dioxin depositional histories in marshes of St. Louis Bay, Mississippi. Science of the Total Environment 624: 517-529.
  • Yeager, K.M., K.A. Schwehr, P. Louchouarn, P.H. Santschi, R.A. Feagin, K.J. Schindler, 2018. Mercury inputs and redistribution in the Penobscot River and estuary, Maine. Science of the Total Environment 622-623: 172-183.
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