Kevin M. Yeager

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Ph.D. Geology & Geophysics, Texas A&M University, 2002 -- M.S. Geology, University of Toledo, 1997 -- B.S. Geology, Edinboro University of Pennsylvania, 1995
  • Sedimentary processes in and climate change- and human-driven impacts on fluvial, lacustrine, coastal and marine environments
  • Fates and impacts of terrestrial and aquatic contaminants
  • Application and development of radiochemical and geochemical methods in geology, geomorphology, limnology, and marine sciences

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Selected Publications: 
  • Xu, H., J. Lan, B. Liu, E. Sheng, K.M. Yeager, 2013. Modern carbon burial in Lake Qinghai, China. Applied Geochemistry 39: 150-155.
  • Peterson, M.S., J.-M. Havrylkoff, P.O. Grammer, P.F. Mickle, W.T. Slack, K.M. Yeager, 2013. Macrobenthic prey and physical habitat characteristics in a western Gulf sturgeon population: Differential estuarine habitat use patterns. Endangered Species Research 22: 159-174.
  • Brunner, C.A., K.M. Yeager, R. Hatch, S. Simpson, J. Keim, K.B. Briggs, P. Louchouarn, 2013. Effects of oil from the Macondo Well blowout on marsh Foraminifera of Mississippi and Louisiana, USA. Environmental Science and Technology 47: 9,115-9,123.
  • Feagin, R.A., K.M. Yeager, C.A. Brunner, J.G. Paine, 2013. Active fault motion in a coastal wetland: Matagorda, Texas. Geomorphology - Special Issue: Coastal Geomorphology and Restoration 199: 150-159.
  • Colon-Rivera, R.J., R.A. Feagin, J.B. West, K.M. Yeager, 2012. Salt marsh connectivity and freshwater versus saltwater inflow: Muliple methods including tidal gauges, water isotopes, and LIDAR elevation models. Canadian J. of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences 69(8): 1,420-1,432.
  • Yeager, K.M., C.A. Brunner, M.A. Kulp, D. Fischer, R.A. Feagin, K.J. Schindler, J. Prouhet, G. Bera, 2012. Significance of active growth faulting on marsh accretion processes in the lower Pearl River, Louisiana. Geomorphology 153-154: 127-143.
  • Zan, F.Y., S.L. Huo, B.D. Xi, C.W. Zhu, H.Q. Liao, J.T. Zhang, K.M. Yeager, 2012. A 100-year sedimentary record of natural and anthropogenic impacts on a shallow eutrophic lake, Lake Chaohu, China. J. of Environmental Monitoring 14(3): 804-816.
  • Zan, F., S. Huo, B.D. Xi, J. Zhang, L. Haiqing, Y. Wang, K.M. Yeager, 2012. A 60-year sedimentary record of natural and anthropogenic impacts on Lake Chenghai, China. J. of Environmental Sciences 24(4): 602-609.
  • Martinez, M.L., R.A. Feagin, K.M. Yeager, R. Costanza, J. Day, J.A. Harris, R.J. Hobbs, J. Lopez-Portillo, P. Moreno-Casasola, J. Sheinbaum, I.J. Walker, A. Yanez-Arancibia, E. Higgs, 2012. Artificial modifications of the coast in response to the Deepwater Horizon oil spill: Quick solutions or long term liabilities? Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment 10(1): 44-49.
  • Wang, S., K.M. Yeager, G. Wan, Y. Wang, Y. Lu, 2012. Carbon export and HCO3- fate in a carbonate watershed: A case study from Hongfeng Lake, southwestern China. Applied Geochemistry 27(1): 64-72.
  • Cline, M.D., R.A. Feagin, K.M. Yeager, M. van Alstyne, 2011. Fault-induced wetland loss at Matagorda, Texas, USA: Land cover changes from 1943 to 2008. Geocarto International 26(8): 633-645.
  • Zan, F., S. Huo, B. Xi, J. Su, X. Li, J. Zhang, K.M. Yeager, 2011. A 100-year sedimentary record of heavy metal pollution in a shallow eutrophic lake, Lake Chaohu, China. J. of Environmental Monitoring 13(10): 2,788-2,797.
  • Hung, C.-C., G.-C. Gong, F.-C. Ko, H.-Y. Chen, M.-L. Hsu, J.-M. Wu, S.-C. Peng, K.M. Yeager, P.H. Santschi, 2010. Relationships between persistent organic pollutants and carbonaceous materials in aquatic sediments of Taiwan. Marine Pollution Bulletin 60(7): 1,010-1,017.
  • Wang, S., K.M. Yeager, G. Wan, C. Liu, F. Tao, C. Fan, 2010. Short term field observations of nitrous oxide saturations in Lake Taihu, China: The need for high temporal resolution studies. J. of Environmental Quality 39(5): 1,858-1,863.
  • Yeager, K.M., R. Brinkmeyer, C.F. Rakocinski, K.J. Schindler, P.H. Santschi, 2010. Impacts of dredging activities on the accumulation of dioxins in surface sediments of the Houston Ship Channel, Texas. J. of Coastal Research 26 (4): 743-752.
  • Hung, C.-C., G.-C. Gong, K.-P. Chiang, H.-Y. Chen, K.M. Yeager, 2009. Particulate carbohydrates and uronic acids in the northern East China Sea. Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science 84: 565-572.
  • Feagin, R.A., S.M. Lozada-Bernard, T.M. Ravens, I. Moller, K.M. Yeager, A.H. Baird, 2009. Does vegetation prevent wave erosion of salt marsh edges? Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 106 (25): 10,109-10,113.
  • Wang, S., C. Liu, K.M. Yeager, G. Wan, J. Li, F. Tao, Y. Lu, F. Liu, C. Fan, 2009. The spatial distribution and emission of nitrous oxide (N2O) in a large eutrophic lake in eastern China: Anthropogenic effects. Science of the Total Environment 407: 3,330-3,337.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.H. Santschi, H. Rifai, M. Suarez, R. Brinkmeyer, C.-C. Hung, K.J. Schindler, M. Andres, E. Weaver, 2007. Dioxin chronology and fluxes in sediments of the Houston Ship Channel, Texas: Influences of non-steady state sediment transport and total organic carbon. Environmental Science and Technology 41 (15): 5,291-5,298.
  • Hung, C.-C., G. Gwo-Ching, J. Kuotung, K.M. Yeager, P.H. Santschi, T.L. Wade, J.L. Sericano, 2006. Relationship between carbonaceous materials and polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs) in the sediments of the Danshui River and adjacent coastal areas, Taiwan. Chemosphere 65: 1,452-1,461.
  • Wan, G.J., J.A. Chen, S.Q. Xu, F.C. Wu, R.G. Huang, K.M. Yeager, P.H. Santschi, 2005. Coupling between Pbex-210 and organic matter in sediments of Lake Chenghai, China, Chemical Geology 224 (4): 223-236.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.H. Santschi, J.D. Phillips, B.E. Herbert, 2005. Suspended sediment sources and tributary effects in the lower reaches of a coastal plain stream as indicated by radionuclides, Loco Bayou, Texas. Environmental Geology 47 (3): 382-395.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.H. Santschi, G.T. Rowe, 2004. Sediment accumulation and radionuclide inventories (Pu-239,240, Pb-210 and Th-234) in the northern Gulf of Mexico, as influenced by organic matter and macrofaunal density. Marine Chemistry 91 (1-4): 1-14.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.H. Santschi, 2003. Invariance of isotope ratios of lithogenic radionuclides: more evidence for their use as sediment source tracers. J. of Environmental Radioactivity 69: 159-176.
  • Yeager, K.M., P.H. Santschi, J.D. Phillips, B.E. Herbert, 2002. Sources of alluvium in a coastal plain stream based on radionuclide signatures from the U-238 and Th-232 decay series. Water Resources Research 38 (11): 24-1 - 24-11.
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