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Kevin M. Yeager

Research Interests:
Marine Sciences
Environmental Sciences
climate science
Ph.D. - Geology and Geophysics - Texas A&M University
M.S. - Geology - University of Toledo
B.S. - Geology - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania

I am a sedimentary geologist with expertise in radiochemistry – my research uses elements of the sedimentary record to answer questions about the functions, quality, and sustainability of sedimentary systems and host ecosystems, and about the history of those environments over the last ~10,000 years or more. This work often occurs at the interface of rapidly evolving natural and human processes considering both natural and built environments. This research has included lines of scientific inquiry within a range of subject areas including fluvial processes, coastal processes, neotectonics, marine sedimentary systems, carbon cycling, land use change impacts, limnogeology, and contaminant sourcing, transport, and fate. Characterization of various radionuclides (137Cs, 210Pb, 7Be, 226Ra, 228Ra, 234Th, 232Th, 230Th, 228Th, 239,240Pu, 14C) is a central tool of my research, as they often serve as tracers of physical, chemical, and biological processes, and as chronometers, allowing for specific proxies, events, or processes recorded in sedimentary archives to be dated precisely. 

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Selected Publications:
  • Dilworth, J.R., J.R. Stone, K.M. Yeager, J.R. Thigpen, M.M. McGlue, 2023. Fossil diatoms reveal natural and anthropogenic history of Jackson Lake (Wyoming, USA). J. of Earth Science, Systems and Society (in press).

  • Liu, F., S. Wang, K. Huang, K.M. Yeager, Y. Li, L. Lv, G. Jia, B. Ma, 2023. Great and fast increase in soil CH4 uptake after reforestation in karst cropland area linked to environmental and microbial factors. Agriculture, Ecosystems and Environment 347: 108367.

  • McGlue, M.M., J.R. Dilworth, H.L. Johnson, S.J. Whitehead, J.R. Thigpen, K.M. Yeager, E.W. Woolery, S.J. Brown, S.E. Johnson, C.S. Cearley, G.M. Clark, T.S. Dixon, R.C. Goldsby, A.L. Helfrich, B.N. Hodelka, E.L. Lo, 2023. Effects of dam emplacement and water level changes on sublacustrine geomorphology and recent sedimentation in Jackson Lake, Grand Teton National Park (Wyoming, United States). J. of Earth Science, Systems and Society DOI:10.3389/esss.2023.10066.

  • Lo, E., K.M. Yeager, I. Bergier, L. Domingo-Luz, A. Silva, M.M. McGlue, 2022. Sediment infill of tropical floodplain lakes: Rates, controls, and implications for ecosystem services. Frontiers in Earth Science 10: 875919.
  • Johnson, S.E., M. Swallom, J.R. Thigpen, M.M. McGlue, J. Dortch, S. Gallen, E. Woolery, K.M. Yeager, 2022. The influence of glacial topography on fluvial efficiency in the Teton Range, Wyoming (USA). Earth Surface Processes and Landforms 592: 117643.