Kevin M. Yeager

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  • Associate Professor
  • Director - SERRL
  • Earth & Environmental Sciences
Slone Research Building, Rm. 107, SERRL - Slone Research Building, Ste. 104
  • Other Affiliations:
Research Interests:
Ph.D. - Geology and Geophysics - Texas A&M University
M.S. - Geology - University of Toledo
B.S. - Geology - Edinboro University of Pennsylvania
Sedimentary processes in and climate change- and human-driven impacts on rivers, lakes, coastal and marine environments
Fates and impacts of terrestrial and aquatic contaminants
Radiochemical and geochemical methods applied to questions in geology, geomorphology, limnology, and marine science
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Selected Publications: 
  • Tan, D., Q. Li, S. Wang, K.M. Yeager, M. Guo, K. Liu, Y. Wang, 2021. Diel variation of CH4 emission flux in a small artificial lake: Toward more accurate methods of observation. Science of the Total Environment (in press).
  • Sena, K., K.M. Yeager, C. Barton, W. Bond, K.J. Schindler, 2021. Development of mine soils in chronosequence of FRA-reclaimed sites in Eastern Kentucky. Minerals (in press).
  • Alverson, A.J., T.K. Chafin, K.A. Jones, K. Manoylov, H. Johnson, M.L. Julius, T. Nakov, E.C. Ruck, E.C. Theriot, K.M. Yeager, J.R. Stone, 2021. Microbial biogeography through the lens of an invasive speciess: The recent introduction and spread of the freshwater diatom Discostella asterocostata in the United States. Biological Invasions, doi:10.1007/s10530-021-02497-5.
  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, Z. Xiao, Z. He, J. Yang, K.M. Yeager, X. Li, F.l Wu, 2021. Climate and nutrient-driven regime shifts of cyanobacterial communities in low-latitude plateau lakes. Environmental Science and Technology 55(5); 3,408-3,418.
  • McGlue, M.M., K.M. Yeager, M.J. Soreghan, M. Behm, I.A. Kimirei, A.S. Cohen, C. Apse, P. Limbu, R. Smiley, D. Doering, J.S. Lucas, A. Mbonde, P.B. McInytre, 2021. Spatial variability in nearshore sediment pollution in Lake Tanganyika (East Africa). Anthropocene 33: 100281.

  • Zhang, H., S. Huo, Z. Xiao, K.M. Yeager, J. Zhang, X. Li, 2021. Sedimentary DNA record of eukaryotic algal and cyanobacterial communities in a shallow lake driven by human activities and climate change. Science of the Total Environment 753: 2021.141985.
  • Lucas, J.S., M.M. McGlue, I.A. Kimirei, M.J. Soreghan, A. Mbonde, K.M. Yeager, P. Limbu, C. Apse, P. McIntyre, 2020. Geophysical benthic habitat mapping in Lake Tanganyika (Tanzania): Implications for spatial planning of small-scale coastal protected areas. J. of Great Lakes Research 46(2): 243-254.
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