Group: 2018-19


PhD student Eva Lyon (Paleolimnology of June Lake)

MS student Laura Streib (Diatom Stratigraphy of June Lake)

MS student Morgan Black (Palynology and Paleolimnology at Convict Lake)

STEAM Academy student Anthony Raphael (traineeship with Morgan Black)

BS student McKenzie Brannon (Paleolimnology of southern Lake Tanganyika)

PhD student Edward Lo (Source-to-Sink Analysis of the Pantanal Basin)

PhD student Bailee Hodelka (Paleolimnology of Mono Lake)

Not pictured: MS student Antonia Bottoms (Glacial Paleo-lakes in KY), STEAM Academy student Dexter Ollis (traineeship with Edward Lo), PhD student Gilliane Gessica Rasbold (Paleolimnology of the Pantanal).