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SER2L - Research Lab

Kevin Yeager, a sedimentary geologist and environmental radiochemist in the Department of Earth and Environmental Science, leads a group of graduate and undergraduate research assistants in SER2L - the Sedimentary, Environmental and Radiochemical Research Laboratory. The lab - described by Yeager as one of the best in the nation - is home to exciting and groundbreaking research on the story behind sediment cores collected in the field. Using equipment like dissecting microscopes and gamma ray spectrometers, researchers in the lab can determine where sediment came from, how old it is, and much more. This research can be put to use in an incredibly wide variety of applications - from measuring the rate of coastline loss in Louisiana to documenting the effects of exposure to radioactive fallout - and Yeager encourages more people to learn about the lab and pursue research and collaboration possibilities with SER2L. Photography by: Dana Rogers