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G3 Constitution

Geoscience Graduate Group (G3)



1.1 The name of the club/organization shall be the Geoscience Graduate Group



2.1 Welcome incoming graduate students into the Department of Earth and Environmental Sciences (EES). 

2.2 Provide relevant and timely information and guidance to all graduate students within EES.

2.3 Sponsor social and professional events for all graduate students EES



The organization shall consist of the general membership, the Executive Board, and all committees of the organization.



4.1 Eligibility

4.11 The club/organization shall consist of any and all members of the University of Kentucky who are enrolled as graduate students, both full-time and part-time, in the Graduate Program in EES.


4.2 Voting Rights

4.21 Voting shall be open to all members who have met and maintained membership requirements.


4.3 Active Participation

4.31 Members are expected to attend monthly meetings and social/professional events sponsored by G3.  Members are expected to participate, to the extent possible, in fundraising activities to sponsor the organization’s expenses. This organization will not levy membership fees.  



5.1 Regular meetings shall be held on the first Monday of every month at 3:00 p.m. from August to May, with the exception of December and/or when deemed necessary by the Executive Council/Board or the majority of the membership.

5.2 Meetings shall be called by President, Executive Board, or by 60% of the membership.

5.3 Meetings must be announced one week prior to the meeting to the general membership.

5.4 Special meetings shall be held upon 2/3 majority vote of the total membership or by the Executive Board.



6.1 Membership- the Board shall consist of the elected President, Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer/Business Manager.

6.2 Duties and Responsibilities

6.21 Conduct the general management of the affairs and purposes of the club/organization.

6.22 Prepare the agenda for meetings.

6.23 Reporting monthly meeting minutes to all members via email/next meeting.



The officers of G3 shall be elected by majority of the membership.

7.1 President/Chairperson

7.1.1 Is the chief executive officer of the organization

7.1.2 Has the responsibility of the good and efficient management of the organization.

7.1.3 Serves as the official representative of the organization.

7.1.4 Presides over all meetings.

7.1.5 Appoints all committees and commissions of the organization with the advice and consent of the membership.

7.1.6 Is a non-voting, ex-officio member of all committees.

7.2 Vice President/Vice Chairperson

7.2.1 Performs the duties of President/Chairperson in his/her absence.

7.2.2 Assumes all other duties assigned by the President/Chairperson.

7.3 Secretary

7.3.1 Records all minutes of the organization meetings.

7.3.2 Carries on correspondence of organization.

7.3.3 Preserves letters, papers and documents of the organization.

7.3.4 Assumes all other related duties assigned by the President/Chairperson.

7.4 Treasurer/Business manager

7.4.1 Oversees the receipts and disbursements of the organization’s funds and keeps an accurate itemized account thereof.

7.4.2 Prepares the annual budget for the organization and presents it to the general membership.

7.4.3 Assumes all other related duties as delegated by the President/Chairperson.

7.5 Term of Office

7.5.1 Officers elected by the membership shall serve one year or one semester beginning in August. Terms can be served in either 1 year rotations or 1 semester rotations; 1 semester rotations require special approval from members and executive board.   



8.1 Student Involvement Committee

8.1.1 Duties and responsibilities:

 Encourage graduate students to be involved in G3 and support the graduate community. Work with the department’s representative to the Graduate Student Congress to support joint initiatives and disseminate announcements.  

8.2 Faculty Relations

8.2.1 Duties and responsibilities:

 Work with the graduate rep to department faculty meetings to communicate graduate student ideas, compliments, and concerns to the faculty.



9.1 Eligibility

9.1.1 Any full or part-time student member of the organization may run for office. The person must be in good academic standing.

9.2 Nominations

            9.2.1 Any Faculty/Staff member can recommend new members and/or officers.

9.3 Election Meeting

                                9.3.1 The first meeting in April will be the specified election meeting.