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Current Highlight: Magnetic field anomalies help deconstruct the paradigm of non-magnetic mantle

Prof. Ravat recently published an article in Nature Reviews | Earth and Environment, Magnetic sources in the Earth’s mantle. Although it was widely considered for decades that the Earth’s mantle could not be magnetic, recent results show that parts of the upper mantle (down to 660 km depth) carry a magnetic remanence. This review critically revisits mantle magnetism, discusses recent magnetic data and highlights several unresolved problems about the sources of this deep magnetism. In this study, Prof. Ravat and his colleagues from the U.S., Germany, and Spain, Drs. Ferré, Kupenko, Martín-Hernández, and Sanchez-Valle deconstruct the old paradigm and pave the way for new studies of our planet’s deep interior. Their review further illustrates the power of multidisciplinary investigations and the benefits of international scientific collaboration.

These green colored rocks from the Earth’s mantle can be magnetic where the mantle is relatively cold (with respect to the surrounding mantle)


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 European Swarm and CHAMP satellite constellation based magnetic field variations of the Earth