Volcano Songs

Volcano Songs!
GLY 110
Endangered Planet: An Introduction to Environmental Geology


GLY 110  Volcano Songs.
In my introductory Environmental Geology class, I've asked students to turn in a creative work about stratovolcanoes and the hazards associated with them. Lately, there have been an increasing number of students turning in CDs with songs on them that they've written and performed. Frankly, I'm amazed at the amount of creative work that has gone into some of these. I'll put them up here on the web for you as MP3 files to enjoy. Here's a listing with very brief comments about each one.

Oh, and #15 is based on a different assignment, to imagine and produce a work describing what conditions on Earth might be like at the beginning of the next century, around 2100. Only one audio submission for that assignment, perhaps more to come.

=Paul Howell

  1. Move Village (Get Out Da Way).by Matt Berry. This is based on a recognizable song (to many) by Ludicrous.
  2. Volcano MONstars.by Kevin Burke. Rap. Possibly some choice words in there, can't say for sure. :-) Gettin' hot, gettin' hot! A crowd favorite in several very different voices, very expressive.
  3. A Song For The Stratovolcanoes.by Micah Forman. Folk/Rock piece, very nicely conceived. Vocal track is a little hard to hear at times, but great.
  4. Stratovolcano Song.by Nathan Harris. More Folk/Rock (I guess). Maybe more Green Day -ish. Love the lyrics on this one.
  5. The Bomb Explosive.by Grant Mills. What is this, Blues/Funk? Good lyrics, well thought out.
  6. V_O_L_C_A_N_O_E_S.by Ryan Mollenkopf. You cannot stop laughing along with this brave soul's Blues/Funk/Whatever. Fun lyrics.
  7. Beware of the Volcano.by Nate Goodman. A very little profanity, and an apology to me :-). Impressive guitar interpretation too!
  8. When The Volcano Blows.by Carissa Carlisle and Taylor Cummins. Yes, based on that old parrot song..
  9. Pinatubo Blues.by Ryan Kessler. Great blues guitar interpretation.
  10. Volcano Electric Guitar Solo.by an unnamed student, because I forget his name :-(. My first audio submission, circa 2003.
  11. Volcanic Guitar Riffs.by Nathan Thompson. Another fine guitar interpretation, well done.
  12. Can't Be Stopped.by Caroline Quinio. A more gentle interpretation of a volcanic cycle, this time on piano.
  13. Volcano Sensations.by Christian Theune. Bird songs, sound effects, synth licks, I have no idea how to characterize it.
  14. Sorry, there is no #14.
  15. Global Change 2006.by Seth Thomas. An interpretive piece about climate change. The German language parts are mostly just for effect, says the composer.
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