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amba229's picture
112 Slone Research Building
sbe233's picture
Assistant Professor
Structural Geology, Neotectonics, Paleoseismology, Active Fold-Thrust Belts, Quaternary geochronology, Seismic Hazards, High-Latitude Geomorphology
306 Slone Building
(859) 257-1374
cwbl222's picture
Ph.D Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Karst, Carbonates, Stratigraphy
112 Slone
webo224's picture
104A Slone Research Building
jrbowe3's picture
Senior Research Geologist, Kentucky Geological Survey, Kentucky Professional Geologist PG 112454 , California Professional Geologist PG 3514, Florida Professional Geologist PG 2027, American Institute of Professional Geologists, Certified Professional Geologist CPG 6309
328 Mining and Mineral Resources Building
(859) 323-0536
sjbr239's picture
Part-Time Instructor
Tectonics, Low-temperature thermochronology, Structural Geology
210 Slone
sbu249's picture
Research Assistant
217 Slone Research Building
cobb's picture
mmcraw2's picture
landslides, slope stability, earthquakes, geologic hazards
KGS, 228 Mining & Mineral Resources Building, Rm. 247C
bcu223's picture
Teaching Assistant
112 Slone Research Building
rcda226's picture
217A Slone Research Building
jadrah0's picture
Kentucky Geological Survey , 344 Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg., University of Kentucky , Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0107
rldu232's picture
M.S. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
Geophysics, seismology, magnetics
305A Slone Research Building
eble's picture
Kentucky Geological Survey , 247D Mining and Mineral Resources Bldg., University of Kentucky , Lexington, Kentucky 40506-0107
jeed224's picture
Graduate Student/Teaching Assistant
aer226's picture
Assistant Professor
Paleoceanography, carbonate diagenesis, stable isotope geochemistry
316 Slone Research Building
(859) 257- 6931
fettens's picture
Professor, Jefferson Science Fellow
sedimentology, stratigraphy, paleontology,
314A Slone Research Building
AMFE242's picture
MS Candidate
312 Slone Research Building
rlfr223's picture
Assistant Professor, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Brachiopod paleontology, Paleozoic stratigraphy, Paleoecology, Taphonomy, Early Paleozoic extinction & diversity, Geoscience recruitment & retention
310 Slone Research Building
afryar1's picture
Associate Professor and Director of Undergraduate Studies, Environmental & Sustainability Studies Program
hydrogeology, Low temperature Geochemistry
109 Slone


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