Picture Namesort descending Contact
ajre237's picture
Graduate Student, Research Assistant
Carbonate Diagenesis, Paleoceanography
217 Slone Research Building
arsh229's picture
Geology, M.S. Student/Teaching Assistant
Slone Research Bldg, Rm 112
ahi232's picture
Research Assistant
312 Slone Bldg
bcu223's picture
Teaching Assistant
112 Slone Research Building
bro253's picture
Mining and Minerals Resource Building, Room 247D
CLPE229's picture
PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
112 Slone Research Building
cagi229's picture
309 Slone Research Building
cehe242's picture
309 Slone Building
cwbl222's picture
Ph.D Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant
Karst, Carbonates, Stratigraphy
112 Slone
cku222's picture
geophysics, tectonic evaluation
305A Slone Reseach Building
CAL249's picture
112 Slone Research Building
DCseck2's picture
M.S. Geological Sciences, B.A. Geological Sciences, B.A. Economics, Minor Business Administration
SRB 309
ddbu232's picture
ello224's picture
PhD student
106 Slone
(859) 218-3548
eav226's picture
Teaching Assistant
hydrogeology, hydrology, Karst, Environmental Geochemistry
217 Slone Research Building
ely226's picture
PhD Candidate
fmta223's picture
Teaching Assistant
217 Slone Research Building
jmcl253's picture
Teaching Assistant, Ph.D Student
309 Slone Research Building
jmba286's picture
Teaching Assistant
112 Slone Research Building
kbwa226's picture
M.S. Candidate, Teaching Assistant
217 Slone
ksc232's picture
Teaching Assistant
104 Slone
LCST229's picture
106 Slone Research Building
lcne222's picture
Teaching Assistant
305A Slone Research Building
mlod223's picture
Structural Geology, Tectonics, petroleum geology
108C Slone Research Building
mkbl227's picture
Teaching Assistant
309 Slone Research Building
RHO255's picture
Structural Geology, Tectonics, basin analysis, Low-temperature thermochronology
108 C Slone Research Building
rjme224's picture
sasp235's picture
Graduate Research Fellow
Structural Geology, Tectonics, Computational Geomechanics and Geodynamics
108C Slone Building
szo224's picture
Teaching Assistant
Geochronology, Thermochronology, Sedimentology
309 Slone Building
webo224's picture
104A Slone Research Building
wppier00's picture
Teaching Assistant
Slone Research Building (SRB)
Wisam Muttashar's picture
ywa338's picture
Teaching Assistant
Geodynamics, seismology
Slone Research Building 309
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