Foreign Travel Support for Presentations and Int'l Conferences


Limited funds are available for full-time A&S College faculty, including lecturers, to make a presentation at an international conference. Such requests may be submitted at any time (include "Application Cover Sheet ") and will be reviewed promptly. Faculty should submit to the Associate Dean for Research a letter to the dean of the College of Arts & Sciences stating the purpose of the trip, the title of the paper or presentation, the total itemized cost, and the value of the trip to the individual's research program. A copy of the invitation and a statement of support from the department chair are also required. The chair's letter should state whether there are other available sources of support that could partially fund the travel. Ordinarily, those who have research support are expected to use a significant portion of those funds before applying for these dean’s funds.

Support will be limited to one trip per fiscal year. Following the trip, the faculty member is required to send a brief report "College Research Activity Award Summary Report" (CRAA Report) to the Associate Dean for Research describing how the funds benefited the faculty member’s research effort. These reports are necessary to document the use of these funds.

All travel requests should be sent directly to Carrie Oser,  Interim Associate Dean for Research, and copied to Camille Harmon at
Requests must be submitted via email.  If you have questions, please call 257-3966.

Priority for the maximum allowance of $1,200 is being reserved for untenured faculty and exceptional circumstances.

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