Graduate Students

Picture Name/Info Contact
eav226's picture
PhD Candidate
hydrogeology, hydrology, Environmental Geochemistry
217 Slone Research Building
jrca277's picture
Graduate Research Assistant, Masters Student
Structural Geology, Tectonics, Cementitious Materials, Vulcanology
309 Slone Research Building
jmcl253's picture
Teaching Assistant, Ph.D Student
309 Slone Research Building
cjco260's picture
Tectonics, Geochronology, Earthquake Hazard
108C, Office Hours: T, 5:00pm - 7:00pm
rtda228's picture
Master's Student
hydrogeology, water quality, Environmental Geochemistry
Slone Research Building 112
smda250's picture
309 Slone Research Building
jrdi229's picture
PhD Student and TA
106 Slone Research Building
ldlu225's picture
PhD Student , Graduate Teaching Assistant
Paleoclimate, Stratigraphy, paleolimnology
106 Slone Research Building
mffa224's picture
309 Slone Research Building
rgo230's picture
PhD Student
Tectonics, Structural Geology, Low-temperature thermochronology
smhe230's picture
SRB 309
(719) 313-8529
BNHO225's picture
106 Slone Research Building
hljo238's picture
106 Slone Research Building
sjo345's picture
Doctoral Candidate in Geology
natural hazards, landslides, landscape evolution, geospatial analysis
hko237's picture
Graduate Student, Geologist II
Applied geophysics, Geologic Hazards, Geomorphology
324 MMRB
(859) 323-0512
ello224's picture
PhD student
Modern sedimentary processes, Quaternary studies, tropical wetlands
106 Slone
(859) 218-3548
gdma227's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Research Assistant
Petroleum Geoscience, Depositional Systems, Seismic Interpretation, CO2 Storage
309 Slone Building
mami274's picture
Master's Student
paleontology, Sedimentology, Stratigraphy
309 Slone Research Building
nmw223's picture
Master's Student in Geological Sciences, Research Assistant
Geophysics, Geochemistry and Petroleum Geology
Room 106, Slone Research Building, Washington Avenue,Lexington,KY
nol226's picture
Master's Student, Graduate Teaching Assistant
geohazards, landslide susceptibility and risk, engineering geology, energy
305 Slone Research Building
ajre237's picture
PhD Candidate
Carbonate Diagenesis, Paleoceanography, stable isotope geochemistry, redox chemistry
217 Slone Research Building
rrri227's picture
Electrical Resistivity Imaging, Geophysics and Planetary Sciences, hydrogeology
317 Mining and Mineral Resource Building
rcro234's picture
Geophysics, Geologist in Training
Site Response Seismology, Earthquake Seismology
305A Slone, 247C MMRB
bro253's picture
PhD Student, Teaching Assistant
Geophysics, Gravity and Magnetics, Seismic Exploration, Planetary geophysics
MMRB Room 247, SRB 305
sksa232's picture
PhD Candidate, Graduate Teaching Assistant
hydrogeology, Karst, water quality, Environmental Sciences, Geospatial Data Science
112 Slone Research Building
DCseck2's picture
M.S. Geological Sciences, B.A. Geological Sciences, B.A. Economics, Minor Business Administration
SRB 309
mlod223's picture
Teaching Assistant
Structural Geology, Tectonics, petroleum geology, Near-Surface Geophysics, Geologic Hazards
108C Slone Research Building
abth232's picture
216 Mining and Mineral Resource Building
srvicr2's picture
Geophysics, Earthquake Seismology, Seismotectonics, Geochronology
247D Mining and Mineral Resources Building, 305 Slone Research Building
zowa222's picture
critical minerals, Geochemistry, Economic Geology
Sloan Rm. 309
1 (574) 302-7070
ywa338's picture
Teaching Assistant
sjwh234's picture
Geomorphology, Coastal Geology, Radiochemistry, Geochemistry
Emwi264's picture
309 Slone Research Building