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Earthquake Seismology & Neotectonics

Current areas of strength include:

  • Dynamic soil property characterization
  • Strong-motion seismology
  • Neotectonics

Instruments, facilities, and other resources:

  • The Kentucky Strong-Motion and Seismic Network
  • DC resistivity equipment
  • Ground Penetrating Radar
  • Minivib 7500 (vibroseis) with truck
  • 24 and 48-channel engineering seismographs
  • Hewlett Packard 3562A dynamic signal analyzer
  • Digital borehole inclinometer
  • Bison crosshole seismic hammer and geophones
  • 3-component Downhole Geophone with Fluxgate Compass
  • Resonant column/torsional shear device
  • Low and High-frequency geophones and accelerometers
  • P/SH-wave Viboseis energy source; 8 gauge Betsy seismic gun; weight drops
  • VISTAWIN, WINSEIS, and Parallel Geosciences 2- and 3D Signal Processing Software; Kingdom Suites+ Seismic Modeling Software
  • National Technology Grid: UK serves as a supernode on the National Technology Grid with access to scalable, parallel-processing computer resources

Studies are currently underway that address the geophysics and neotectonics of:

  • The New Madrid Seismic Zone in the south-central United States
  • Urban faults along the northwestern Tibetan Plateau
  • The Wabash Valley Fault Zone in southern Indiana
  • The Fluorspar Area Fault Complex in western Kentucky