Prin Of Physical Geology

Prin Of Physical Geology

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How the Earth Works: an integrated course in physical geology, covering the physical, chemical and biological processes that combine to produce geological processes. Attention is focused on plate tectonics, earth surface processes, and properties and formation of earth materials. Lab exercises emphasize identification and interpretation of geologic materials and maps. Lecture/Discussion, three hours per week; laboratory, three hours per week.


Spring 2020
Section Credits Room Instructor Syllabus
EES 220-001 4.0 Rm.303, Rm.209 Kent Ratajeski, Jon Wilson
EES 220-002 4.0 Rm.303, Rm.209 Kent Ratajeski, Hillary Johnson
EES 220-003 4.0 Rm.303, Rm.209 Kent Ratajeski, Brooks Rosandich
EES 220-004 4.0 Rm.303, Rm.209 Kent Ratajeski, Samuel Whitehead
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